Roca Partida is a little rock out in the middle of nowhere. Part of the Revillagigedo Islands, it lies about 70 miles west of Socorro and 85 miles from San Benedicto Island. The tiny pinnacle jets up from hundreds of feet of water. Topside the two points make a comfortable home to the booby birds and gulls who have made their way here. Underwater it is a magnet to giant manta rays, whale sharks, schools of hammerheads, dolphins, white tips, Galapagos sharks, humpback whales, large schools of jacks and tuna, and of course, scuba divers.

    Whitetip sharks at roca partida
When the Solmar V visits Roca, the dives are done from the pangas. The view of the rock is stunning, but the smell of guano usually helps get the divers quickly into the water. The visibility is usually very good and the rock is an impressive site above and under the surface.

The pinnacle is small enough that its possible to swim around it several times during one dive. Other times the current and surge can be strong making this more difficult. Its not a difficult dive, but like in open water, divers must always be aware of their depth and bottom time.

Green moray eel at roca partida    

At about 30' there are several small caves on one side of the rock where whitetip sharks are usually sleep until disturbed by the underwater photographers. Its common to see large lobster here too. As you gaze up, the waves breaking over the rocks at the surface creates some interesting underwater waves.

Move further away from the rocks its not unusual to see schools of hammerhead sharks anywhere between 130' and 50'. There have been incidents where the sharks come very close to the divers to check them out.

Giant Pacific Mantas also congregate here and the encounter for divers and underwater photographers can be a life-changing experience. The mantas seem to be attracted to some divers and have been known to play with them by swirling around them and swimming directly toward them and over thier heads. Some believe the mantas identify you by looking into your eyes and remember you when you come back. Of course this makes for some fantastic photo opportunities. Mantas have been known to follow the divers all the way back to their panga and staying until the boat pulls away.

    hammerhead shark at roca partida
Whale sharks have also been spotted at Roca as well as humpback whales who stop here on their migration to and from Alaska.

For divers, Roca Partida is a world-class dive and is often compared to Darwin and Wolfe Islands in the Galapagos.