New: Baja Nature Cruises on the Solmar V

April 2007

With over 30 years of Baja diving, snorkeling, and cruising experience, the owners of the Solmar V are delighted to announce a brand new type of "live-aboard" cruise for the Sea of Cortez for two special weeks this summer.

In previous years, our Sea of Cortez cruises were always "dive, dive, dive" and so we decided to try something a little different for two special weeks this June. Our brand new Baja Nature Cruises will concentrate on snorkeling, kayaking, bird watching, beach combing, and just plain fun for divers and non-divers alike.

SCUBA will still be readily available, but there will be lots of other options for folks who don't dive and simply want to explore the wonders of the "world's richest sea", the Sea of Cortez. 

Actually, it was passengers on the Solmar V diving trips that brought the idea up! They asked "Why not do a cruise in the Sea of Cortez so we could bring non-diving family and friends along with us?". We thought this was an excellent idea, and all passengers on the Baja Nature Cruises may look forward to:

  • Snorkeling, scuba, and kayaking at Cabo Pulmo Marine Sanctuary, the largest living coral reef on the west coast of North America
  • Snorkeling with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world (up to 35 feet in length), using a special spotter plane to locate them in La Paz Bay.
  • Snorkel, scuba, kayak at Los Islotes, the largest sea lion colony in the Sea of Cortez. Expect to see very playful young pups, too, as they are usually born in April/May.
  • Explore the incredible estuary and mangrove lagoon at Isla San Jose using our 22 ft. inflatables and kayaks in early morning hours to see the large bird population coming to life...
  • The Solmar V will anchor in pristine white sand coves for the evening hours, and we'll be serving fresh fish on the barbecue, grilled right on the beach under the Baja stars. Kayaking, snorkeling, and beach combing will be available on these stops.
  • Frequent bird watching opportunities, either from our inflatables or kayaks, as well as hiking tours of some of the uninhabited islands in the Sea of Cortez.

Only two Baja Nature Cruises will be offered this year. The first will be on June 8-15th, and the second one the following week is already sold out.

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