We asked divers to send in their best "Tall Tale" from any Solmar Trip

May 2005

From the log of a recent SOLMAR V guest: Kaia Thomsom

"Standing on the bow of the Solmar V, cruising into the sunrise, images of a giant, stationary "iceberg" of stone began to manifest and grow as we approached our destination. Just one more part of the amazing tour of the Islas Revillagigedos. I looked into the flat, calm, blue waters surrounding Roca Partida. Wondering how far down the dancing rays of light would go and what they were possibly illuminating under the rippling surface?

Anchors set, our panga load of divers were full of anticipation, ready to jump in and explore this volcanic behemoth of a rock, jutting hundreds of feet almost straight up from the ocean floor. "One, two, three...GO", Capitan Geronimo called, as all 7 of us unanimously rolled backwards to explore the watery world below. Dropping down to a vista of perfectly decorated oceanic art; the Barberfish, Creoles, and Moorish Idols moving gracefully up and down with the surge. Complementing them were huge green Moray Eels resting on shelves with piles of White Tip Reef Sharks as their napping buddies. Hanging in the clear water watching the Galapagos and Silky sharks moving below, we had a visit from several friendly mantas, all while background whale song and dolphin salsa serenaded the mantas in their graceful dance.

Coming back to reality from this sub-aquatic astral experience I reluctantly headed to the surface. Seeking every last moment of time in this watery realm, hovering during our safety stop, again I was mesmerized by the dancing rays of light descending to the deep. A feeling of energy overcame me, the buzz of anticipation returning. And wondering to myself what is causing this feeling? 

Suddenly, up from the depths, guiding her curious calf towards a breath of air, a mother Humpback Whale graced us with a visit. Camera in my right hand, my left arm extended so I could feel her presence as the water moved between us... Almost as if she was smiling, she paused for a moment to allow her calf to have a look at these funny sea creatures dressed in neoprene colors, blowing nets of bubbles similar to what the calf would learn to do later in life.

I actually was able to keep myself together enough to take 6 images; the whales' first visit, the "look", and a few more shots as they moved on. I could actually feel the motion of the whales moving past me, like a wave within the water, and will never forget the incredible feeling of swimming in the wake of a whale's tail."

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