Socorro Marine Life Heats Up in Spring

Every year, the crew of the Solmar V looks forward to our "change of seasons" in the Socorro Islands. Underwater, we experience cooler temps during Humpback Whale Season (Jan - Apr) and then watch the water warm up during early Spring. Temps hit mid to high 70's and the marine life definitely notices.

This is only our second season offering baitball diving but check this out:


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Baitballs:  We are not sure, as this is only our second season offering this activity, if warmer water increases the size and prevalence of large baitballs AND the predators that stalk them. But the log evidence is crystal clear. In May/June, we have the most baitball encounters, find the largest baitballs of the year, and the most varied predators. Previous highlights include sailfin and marlin leisurely hitting the baitballs, plus a ton of sharks. In this case, "awesome" is the right word. Here's another baitball encounter from late May of last year:


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Whale Sharks: Definite increase in Whale Shark encounters during our Spring season, full sized and young ones.

Dolphins: The more destinations you visit, and the more travel notches in your weightbelt, we are sure that when you visit Socorro you will be amazed at the wild dolphin encounters. Most wild dolphin encounters are fleeting, to say the least. Dolphin encounters at our islands are long, slow dances that involve lots of very close (2-3 ft.) encounters. Many encounters last 20-30 minutes or even the whole dive. That is very, very unusual in the underwater world - no matter where you travel.

Usual Suspects: What many worldly divers rate as the best manta encounters around are always in high gear at the Socorro Islands, and that stays the same in Spring. We see silky sharks all the time, but Spring sees them schooling up - a real treat. There's a gut feeling of increased general shark activity - but that's hard to document. All of the seven normal species we see here are usually abundant in Spring as well. 

All in all, even if you have been onboard before (but not in the Spring) it's worth the trip!!!

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