Wild Dolphin Encounters

March 2007

Wild Dolphin Encounters in the Socorro Islands (The Revillagigedos Archipelago) are not unusual, and dolphins are seen frequently from the surface and underwater. In the early years of exploring these islands, the encounters were fairly "typical' open water encounters with wild dolphins, that is to say, fleeting and brief!

Indeed, that's the pattern of most wild dolphin encounters just about anywhere in the diving world. The dolphins rarely show much interest in divers, and just zoom by...

But in recent years, the dolphins in Socorro have become much more interested in the divers , approach closer (sometimes just a few feet away), and stay much longer. And while mantas, whales, whale sharks, shark, and fish encounters still thrill our guests, these dolphin encounters are rapidly becoming yet another "once in a lifetime" underwater treat in the Revillagigedos Archipelago.

" Magical" is the only way to describe the encounters∑ After all, these are large, oceanic, wild dolphins, and the encounters are completely on their terms, not ours. No food is introduced, no invitations offered. Yet the dolphins seem intrigued by our presence, and we are delighted to interact with them, often for ten minutes or more...

In keeping with our idea that "wilderness is the ultimate luxury", the Solmar V has always been committed to conserving the wilderness status of the Revillagigedos Archiplelago. And that has meant that ALL "big animal encounters", and any interaction with marine life of any size, is done "on their terms", not ours". That holds true for mantas, whales, whale sharks, sharks, dolphins, and anything else we encounter. 

It is encouraging, however, that the marine life apparently finds this formula works for them as well. We pose little threat to them as divers, particularly when we stay calm and cool for the duration of the encounters. Having been reassured from previous encounters that we mean them no harm, the mantas, whales, and dolphins are venturing closer and closer each year. Our gracious thanks to previous and future guests for helping to maintain these practices! The dolphin activity is present on nearly every trip, but appears to peak in the Spring months of April and May. Please join us if you can. 

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