Amazing Whale Shark Rescue at Roca Partida

The Solmar V returned to the Socorro Islands in early November and witnessed one of the most amazing underwater encounters of all time!

If you only watch ONE minute of diving video this year (or next) PLEASE take a look at the Whale Shark Rescue video featured below.

This Holiday Season is a time of giving, of caring, and cherishing what we love. Our Dive Master Daniel Zapata embodied all of these virtues when he successfully freed a pregnant female whale shark from a tightly bound, 2''-3" thick line (probably originally a mooring line), that would have proven fatal. For every diver and ocean lover, this was a wonderful Holiday gift. Thank You, Daniel!

"We are very proud of Danni, however we're not surprised. Daniel's actions highlight the spirit of our crew towards the marine environment. It‚s not surprising that any one of them would put themselves at risk to protect what they love. During the holidays, we think about gratefulness. We feel very lucky and grateful to have such a dynamic crew as our team aboard the Solmar V." (Jose Luis Sanchez, owner/operator of the Solmar V)

For the last 20 years, the Solmar V has rountinely pioneered incredible underwater encounters at the Socorro Islands for our diving guests; whales, whalesharks, giant mantas, all kinds of sharks, baitballs, and wild dolphins. But every once in a diving lifetime we see and experience something so unusual that there is simply no precedent. That's what happened on our season opener trip this November, 2012.

A 30 ft. (9.5m) whale shark cruised slowly by our group at Roca Partida. A giant, thick mooring line completely encircled the whale shark, biting deeply into her thick skin and beginning to impair her ability to use her pectoral fins. The pregnant female was in very serious condition, and infection or impaired movement would cause her demise.

The whale shark returned on the second dive, and Dive Master Daniel Zapata (nicknamed Danni) made a decision to drop down into hovering position just above the whale shark and use a small pocket knife to cut through the thick line.  He then removed the entire line - which completely encircled the whale shark.

It's ALL on the video - and words simply do not describe how amazing this encounter is. The entire video is about 8 minutes and shows what an amazing trip the season opener truly was; the whale shark footage starts just before Minute 4.

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