Underwater VORTEX Found at Roca Partida

Every once in a great while, something comes along that absolutely no one has ever seen, and that was recently the case at Roca Partida.

Divers on an early May trip noticed a thin line of bubbles extending from point to point on the east side of Roca Partida. As they got closer, they noticed a current, but it was circular! The bubbles and current were moving in a counterclockwise fashion, creating a horizontal vortex about 20 ft (6 m) high... Take a closer look below or in the trip video:

Play VORTEX Video

If you've ever seen a diver exhale a "smoke ring" underwater, you have the idea of a vortex. But this one stretched from one end of Roca Partida to the other. We saw it once, and not since. Have you EVER seen anything like this? Please hit the reply button and share your experience with us if you have!

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