Juvenile Whale Shark - 1st of the Spring Season!

After each Socorro trip on the Solmar V, we publish a short (5 minute) highlight video on our youtube channel. These "trip reports" show you exactly what you'll see when you dive with us! We started in March 2011 so we now have over a full year of Socorro trip videos.

This year, the guests on the Solmar V were greeted by the first Whale Shark of the Spring, 2012 season in early May. This juvenile male wandered in, hung around, and was in no hurry to leave. Nor did anyone want him to!  The next trip also encountered whale sharks, so we're 2 for 2 in May.

The encounter took place at Roca Partida, the smallest of the Socorro Islands. "Split Rock" in English, it's really just a place only divers and sea birds could love. Topside, it's just a big rock. Underwater, it's a magnet for whale sharks, dolphins, and all seven of the sharks we regularly see on Solmar cruises.

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