Socorro Spring Season Secrets!   

Perhaps the best kept diving secret at the Socorro Islands is "Spring Season" which runs from mid April through early June.  Although it's a short period of time, it's really one of the best times to dive Socorro, and the preferred time to visit by many diving pros... Why? 

  • Water Temp gets much warmer - up to 78 -80 degrees (F), often with great blue water viz
  • High Possibility of Whale Shark encounters 
  • Superb Giant Manta action
  • Spectacular Wild Dolphin encounters
  • Schooling Silkies - plus 6 other types of Sharks   

So what's the "secret" of Spring Season in Socorro? The wild dolphin encounters (like our Manta encounters) are rarely found in other diving areas around the world. The key to both encounters is the amount and duration of close interaction with these large, acrobatic animals.

At our Giant Manta (up to 20+ ft.wingspan) Hotspots, you'll have very close (less than 3 feet), repetitive open water encounters with the mantas. Simply put, this type of manta encounter is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

The dolphin encounters are NOT (like most dolphin encounters around the diving world) a fleeting glimpse of a dolphin or two out in the blue. Nor are they trained dolphins responding to commands. 

At Socorro, these wild dolphins seem as interested in divers as we are in them. Encounters are often long, sustained, and close. Move slowly and let the dolphins approach you (a good bit of advice for all big animal encounters) but the dolphin encounters at Socorro are once-in-a-lifetime - just like the mantas.

Besides the chance of seeing huge Whale Sharks and up to 7 different species of sharks - the Silky Sharks seem to "cluster" and school during this time of year - probably due to mating. You may find groups of 10 - 15 and sometimes hundreds in a school. Again - a unique part of our Socorro Spring Season.

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